Smoking Accessories For Every Occasion

Whether you smoke flower or use a THC extraction machine to bake edibles, you’ll need accessories to make the experience enjoyable. From stylish stash containers to rakish humidors, we’ve found a range of smoking accessories for every occasion.

The Blacked Out Stashtray from Myster is a minimalist choice that offers smell-proof storage and a built-in grinder. Other container options include airtight jars with a humidity indicator.


A Zippo is a brass lighter that features a unique design and a click sound when it’s opened or closed. Its internal components include a flint wheel and a wick that create the spark for the flame. It is also windproof and can be used in the harshest of conditions. It is popular among campers and backpackers, who can use it to start a fire in rough weather.

The company’s website lists a number of different designs and styles of Zippos. Many people customize their Zippo with a personal message or design. During WWII, soldiers carried Zippo lighters decorated with their military unit emblems and other information. Some even engraved their names on them.

The company offers a number of accessories, including pouch bags for Zippo lighters and flint cards. It also makes a variety of models for smokers and adventure enthusiasts, such as the Iron Maiden series, which feature the symbols and name of the famous rock band.


Cookies are a tasty snack that can be eaten on the go. They are made without artificial pulp, preservatives and colours and they contain high levels of protein. These proteins can help the body to create energy and build muscle. They can also be a good source of iron, which is needed to make red blood cells and maintain energy levels. When the cookies include vitamin C, this helps increase the bioavailability of the iron, which makes it easier for the body to absorb. They can also be a good source for dietary fibre, which is essential for digestive health.


Bluebus is a manufacturer of 100% electric buses that are available in 6- and 12-meter versions. The vehicles are equipped with all-solid batteries produced by Blue Solutions, a Bollore Group subsidiary. They are manufactured in Ergue-Gaberic, France and have the Origine France Garantie label. The company is committed to sustainable development and has adopted a code of conduct that complies with the United Nations Global Compact, a set of ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. The company also has a procedure for reports by the public, which are investigated in full confidence and without any form of reprisal.