Discover the Epitome of Excellence: Our Premium Smoking Products

Premium Smoking Products can elevate your sesh to a whole new level. From rakish humidors to sculptural pipes, there’s a wide array of stylish tools to choose from.

Across survey waves, smokers reported using 260 different cigarette brands. Cigarette brand preferences varied by age, household income, and location. Cigarette brand switches tended to occur between premium and discount brands.

RAW rolling papers

Many different brands of rolling papers are available on the market and some are better than others. Some contain chemicals that can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Some also contain potassium nitrate which can be toxic in high concentrations. These chemicals can also interfere with oxygen transportation throughout the body. The RAW brand is a great choice for smokers looking for a chemical-free smoking paper.

The RAW brand offers a variety of sizes, including the classic 1 1/4. They also offer king size and slim options along with a single wide. There are even RAW Black papers that allow the full flavour of premium cannabis to shine through.

Offering RAW papers at your marijuana dispensary will show that you are conscious of health and safety concerns for your customers. The organic hemp used in these papers will also provide a clean, untainted flavour when smoked.

Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters are one of the most iconic pieces of personal smoking equipment in history. They’re made with solid brass, which gives them a distinctive click when they open or close. The sound has even been trademarked and is used in ASMR videos.

The company’s founder, George Blaisdell, invented the Zippo in the 1930s in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He was at a dance when he watched his friend struggle with an unwieldy Austrian-made lighter. Though the lighter performed well in windy conditions due to its unique chimney design, Blaisdell found the design aesthetically displeasing and inefficient; it required two hands to operate and was easily dented.

Blaisdell developed a fabricated metal case with a hinged lid that accepts a butane tank, wick, and steel striker mechanism. He also engraved the metal surface with date codes for quality control purposes. Unlike disposable lighters, Zippo windproof lighters are refillable and can last a lifetime with proper care. They’re a favorite of smokers, mountain climbers, and cold weather backpackers who need reliable firemaking tools.

Higher Grade cigarette cases and holders

Cigarette cases are small, hinged boxes that were traditionally made from metals such as sterling silver. They are typically slim and rectangular in shape, so they can fit comfortably into a suit pocket. The cigarette case was invented in the 19th century, coinciding with the introduction of mass-produced cigarettes of a standard size.

A high-quality cigarette case will make you look and feel great, but it can also serve many practical purposes. For instance, you can carry a small amount of tobacco in it for future smoking, and you can also store photographs or other items to keep them safe.

This cigarette case has a sleek design and a distinctive style that shows off your personality. It is suitable for any gender and is perfect for everyday use. Moreover, it is airtight and will keep your cigarettes fresh for a longer time so that you can enjoy a richer smoke experience. Besides, it will help to protect your fingers from tar and other chemicals.

BIC lighters

BIC lighters have been around for decades and are still a staple for many smokers. They are reliable, affordable, and easy to find. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are also child-resistant, so you can rest assured that your kids won’t be accidentally playing with the flame or heating the plastic.

Safety has been a priority for BIC since they first launched their lighters in 1973. Each one goes through over 50 individual, automatic quality checks during production. This includes checking that the maximum flame height, heat resistance, drop resistance, and combustion are up to standard.

They use a cold stamping process for the metal pieces in their lighters. This method doesn’t require intense heat, which reduces energy consumption. The plastics in a BIC lighter are made from a type of material called Delrin. It is difficult to recycle (How). Delrin can be remolded, but this requires significant effort. The remainder is either incinerated for energy recovery or ends up as landfill waste.